Much Has Been Said . . .

By Colleagues

  • “His assessment persona is one of reader, where he asks clarifying questions to encourage students to think more critically about their writing.”
  • “A commitment to cultivate creativity and intellectual rigor towards digital media on the part of his students.”
  • “Hogan’s ability to generate thoughtful class discussion, to me, was indicative of his mastery of course material.”
  • “His sense of humor is intelligent and quick, he has a knack for guiding students in their writing.”
  • “Available for the students but not interfering.”
  • “He is equipped with the necessary communication and workman skills. He is always on-time and trustworthy.”
  • “Very generous with his time and expertise . . . He would be an asset to any department or business.”
  • “Anyone doing business with Jameson can count on good organization and excellent data recovery.”
  • “James was an excellent employee who consistently performed above expectations. He proved to be a dedicated and motivated employee.”

By Students

  • “The topic he uses to construct the class allowed me to learn more about English then I never knew. He made it very interesting and was always very approachable.”
  • “Very effective at using examples to demonstrate objectives and teaches material very well. 10/10”
  • “I enjoyed coming to class.”
  • “Actually made me enjoy my freshman English course.”
  • “Kept class fun and interesting with open discussion.”
  • “Can relate to students very well.”
  • “Very understanding and always willing to help out.”
  • “Would stay for as long as you need him.”
  • “Treated the students with respect.”
  • “Incorporates fun activities and interesting assignments.”
  • “Goes out of his way to make English a bit more enjoyable.”